Free PDF 365 Games and puzzles to keep your mind sharp

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp PDF


365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp pdf Download

Hello and welcome to the second in the series of the Five Minute Brain Workout, a brain training book based on word games and puzzles.

Taking care of your brain can be equally as useful as taking care of your body. By simply using five minutes at a time to stimulate and challenge your brain on a regular basis, it can help keep your mind sharp and flexible.

Doing short, varied mental activities and challenging your brain with new tasks can help improve your memory, concentration, problem-solving skills, processing speed, creativity, logic and reasoning.

To this end I have included many new and interesting puzzles to help keep your brain active and stimulated, along with some of the same types of puzzles from the first book (The 5 Minute Brain Workout), to provide a feeling of familiarity.

We learn more if three factors are present: if we are doing something we enjoy; if there is repetition; if there is variety. For these reasons the book uses a games and puzzles theme aimed at people who enjoy words and language; there are ten examples of the same kind of game or puzzle; and there is a wide variety of types.

By doing both games and puzzles it will give you the discipline that comes with finding the ‘correct’ answer required for puzzles, along with the creativity of a range of acceptable answers that a game

You have enough for twelve months’ worth of working your brain,

so let’s get started …

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp PDF Download

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How the book is laid out :

Games & Puzzles :

There are 365 exercises—enough for one a day—comprising 37 different types of word games and puzzles, spaced evenly throughout the book. 36 types have ten exercises, while the 37th has five exercises.

Levels :

There are ten levels, generally increasing in difficulty as you go through the book. This means that the tenth exercise will usually be harder than the ones preceding it.

The difference between a game and a puzzle

Generally speaking a puzzle has a specific answer, like a Word Sudoku, whereas a game doesn’t, and may have a number of suitable answers.

For example “Find as many words as you can in a minute that rhyme with the word ‘light.’’ Approximately two thirds of the exercises are puzzles, while the rest are games.

Variety :

There is a wide variety of types of exercises (37 to be exact) specifically devised to make your brain work in different ways and keep it alert.

Bonus :

Try the three bonus puzzles at the end. They are a taster from the next book!

Answers :

You will find the answers at the back of the book. The puzzles have specific answers, while the games have examples of acceptable answers.

How to use this book :

First of all, feel free to use the book in any way you like, there is no right or wrong way to use it.

A suggested way is to start at the beginning and work through all the Level 1 games and puzzles, doing one a day through the levels until you reach Level 10. Or you may like to choose one type of game or puzzle and work through all ten levels, before going back to a new puzzle and doing the same.

As many of the exercises will be new to you, it’s a good idea to take time to read the instructions so that you can use the 5 minutes well.

The games and puzzles will probably take you different amounts of time. Some may not take the full 5 minutes, while some are more involved and may take you slightly longer.

While the puzzles have specific answers, the games don’t, which means you can continue developing your creativity by doing them more than once and getting different answers.

If you are not sure how to tackle a game or puzzle, look at the answer and work out how it is done, then you’ll know how to do the next one.

As well as a way to exercise your brain, the games and puzzles can be used to challenge yourself, or simply to have fun, or you can bring in a competitive element by using a timer or doing them with others.

The exercises can be used in many settings, for example at home; in work; in social settings; in educational settings such as schools; as icebreakers and energizers in training sessions, and in therapy settings.

About books

it is puzzles and game , it is keep your mind is very sharp and help in consciousness for mind. it is very useful for those student which intreated in mind games. this game are from continuously played have been to day by day so automatically improvement show.

Some Examples :


Two letters are missing from each set of words. They are different letters for each set of words. What are the letters?


S __ E E __
__ A __ R E D
T __ R E A __
M I G __ __


S __ E E __
__ A R E __
C O __ E __
S __ A __ E

Download free pdf 365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp free pdf download

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp download pdf free

365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp free pdf

Download pdf of 365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp or order it online for more Puzzles and games.


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Download 365 Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Sharp PDF and enjoy playing puzzle game. Share this with your friends and families to challenge this new puzzle game. Thanks for visiting.

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