Blood clotting factors (procoagulants ) With tricks

What is Blood clotting? Factors of clotting?

Blood Cotting :

Coagulation or clotting is the process in which blood looses its fluidity and
becomes a jelly like mass in a few minutes after it is shed.
Coagulation process of blood begins almost instantly after an injury to the blood vessel has damaged the endothelium lining the blood vessel. There are number of blood clotting factors responsible for blood coagulation which is given below.

Factors of Blood coagulation

In human body total number of blood clotting factor is 13..

Calcium ions(C++)
Labile factor
Stable Factor
Anti-himophilic Factor
Christmas Factor
Stuart Factor
Plasma Thrombo-Plastin antecedent
Hageman Factor
Fibrin Stabilizing Factor

If you are a medical student and want to remember the name of these factors for lifetime then the trick given below will work exactly for you. Formula os designed by picking first letter of Every factots so this became very easy to understand and remember.

So here is the trick for remember all factors of blood coagulation.

# Tricks #
(Faltu ,Firta ,Thakur ,Ka, Lab,
VI _ ,Staff, Aunty hui, christmas, start , Preety Aunty, hui, Fir Stable)

Factor No. Factor Name tricks Source

I Fibrinogen Faltu Liver

II Prothrombin Firta Liver

III Thrombo- Thakur Tissue
plastin cell

IV Calcium ions ka Plasma

V Labile factor Lab Liver,
VI Unassigned

VII Stable Factor Staff Liver

VIII Anti- Aunty Liver,
Hemophilic Hui Lungs
Factor Capilary

IX Christmas Christmas Liver

X Stuart Start Liver

XI Plasma Thrombo- Pretty Liver
Plastin Aunty

XII Hageman Factor Hui Liver

XIII Fibrin Fir Liver,
Stabilizing Stable Bone-
Factor marrow

So that was all about blood clotting. Hope you like this. Thanks for reading.

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