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Chemotherapy, or ‘chemo’, is the use of chemical substances to treat diseases. The word “chemotherapy” is often used for a type of medicine used to treat cancer. The drugs are cytotoxic, which means they are toxic to the body’s cells.

Definition :- chemotherapy is the use of Synthetic or nature agent to destroy or inhibit the growth of infective agent (e.g. – bacteria , fungi, virus , helminthes and protozoa) and cancerous cells.

The term chemotherapy was coined by
Ehrlich at the beginning of the 20th Century to explain the use of synthetic Chemicals to destroy infective agents .

History :-

    Phase I: Emperical phase

  • Chaulmoongra oil is used by hindus
    in leprosy.

  • Chenopodium by Aztecs for intestinal

  • Cinchona bark for fever .
    Phase II : Ehrlich phase (1890- 1935)
    Dyes and Organometalic Compounds .

  • Arsenicals – atoxyl for sleeping Sickness.
  • Arsphenamine (1906) and Neoarsphenamine (1909) – for syphilis.
  • Ehrisch coined the term Chemotherapy .
    Phase III : Modern era

  • Domagk (1935) – prontosil (a sulphona-mide dye) – for pyrogrnic infection. & he noticed that p- amino benzene Sulphonamide is an active metabolie. Sulfapyridine (M & B 693) is first Sulphonamide marketed in 1938.
  • Antibiotic phenomeno – by pasture in(1877) – anthrax bacilli in Urin was inhibited by air burnbacteria
  • In 1940s – Wasksman and his students researsch the actenomycetes as the Source of antibiotic and discovered
    Streptomycin in 1944.

  • Domagk , fleming and waksman – got NOBEL PRIZE for their discovieries.

    *commensals:- many microoragnism are not pathogenic in normal Condition they share our body spaces. (E.g.- the gut ) these are called Commensals ,even if host is immune Compromised they become phathogenic .

*prions :- this is a proteinacious agent which causes disease but resist to all attempt to Chemotherapeutic agents.

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    1. Anti – Bacterial drugs .
    2. Anti- Tuberculous drugs.
    3. Anti – Amoebic drugs.
    4. Anti – Malarial drugs.
    5. Anti – Fungal drugs.
    6. Anti – Viral drugs.
    7. Anti – Bilharizial drugs.
    8. Anti – Helmenthics drugs.

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