Foye’s Principal of Medicinal Chemistry Full Book PDF

Foye’s Principal of medicinal chemistry Sixth edition

Medicinal chemistry –

Medicinal chemistry deal with the discovery, design, development and both pharmacological and analytical characterisation of drug substance medicinal chemists are indispensable in the preclinical stage of drug development.

Overview : Medicinal chemists apply their chemistry training to the process of synthesizing new pharmaceuticals.

Medicinal chemists are focused on drug discovery and development and are concerned with the isolation of medical agent found in plants as well as creation of new synthetic drug compounds.

Most chemists work with team of scientist from different discipline , including biologists, toxicologists, pharamacologists, and Microbiologists.

Essential book for students –

Foye’s principal of medicinal chemistry is a standard book in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science .concise, quick reference source of reliable information in the field.

Derived from the highly regarded foye’s principal of medicinal chemistry, Highlights the take home and and uses an easy-to-read, bulleted format to convey essential concepts.

Covers mechanism of action (MOA), structure-activity relationships (SAR), physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties, metabolism and clinical applications in all chapters.

Content – divided in diffrent parts ;

Part I – principle of drug discovery.

  • Chapter 1 – drug discovery from natural Products.
  • Chapter 2 – Drug design and relationship of functional group to pharmacologic activity.
  • Chapter 3 – Molecular modeling and in Silico drug design.
    Chapter 4 – Receptor and Drug action.

  • Chapter 5 – Drug Discovry through Enzyme inhibition.
  • Chapter 6 – Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Chapter 7 – Peptide and Protein Drug.

    *More chapters available in part 1

    Part II – Drug receptor affecting neurotransmission and enzyme as catalytic receptor.

    • Chapter 12 – Drug affecting Cholinergic neurotransmission.
    • Chapter 13 – Adrenargic receptor and drug affecting Adrenargic neurotransmission.
    • Chapter 14 – serotonin receptor and drug affecting serotonergic Neurotransmission.
    • Chapter 15 – Amino acid and neurotransmission in the CNS .
    • Chapter -16 Inhibition of Nervous Conduction : Local Anesthetics ..

    *more chapters avilable in part 2

    Part III – Pharmacodynamic agents :

    • Chapter 18 – Genral Anesthetics.
    • Chapter 19 – sedative hypnotics.
    • Chapter 20 – Antiseizure agents.
    • Chapter 21 – Anti depressents.

    *more chapters avilable in part 3

    Part IV – Diseases State management.

    • Chapter – 44 Asthama and chronic Obstructive pulmonary Diseases.
    • Chapter – 45 Men’s Health
    • Chapter – 46 women health

    PDF INFO : FOYE’S Principles of Medicinal Chemistry

    Book’s Name : Foye’s Principal of medicinal chemistry
    Edition : Sixth edition
    Authors : Thomas L. Lemke, David A. Williams, Victoria F. Roche, S. William Zito
    Size of PDF : 20.66 MB
    Number of Pages : 1499 Pages




    Book’s Name : FOYE’S FULL TEXT
    Authors : Thomas L. Lemke, David A. Williams, Victoria F. Roche, S. William Zito
    Edition : 6th edition
    Size of PDF : 65 MB
    Number of Pages : 2293 Pages


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