[PDF] A textbook of Organic Chemistry by Arun Bahl PDF download

A textbook of Organic Chemistry by Arun Bahl


Organic Chemistry owes its name and origin to the study of those substances which had been produced in living organisms, whether vegetable or animal Such substances were classed as organic in distinction to those which were derived from the mineral world and were known as Inorganic.

Modern Definition of Organic Chemistry : With the fall of the Vital force theory, the term ‘organic’ lost its original significance. It was, however, established that all the so· called organic compounds contained carbon as an essential constituent.

Therefore, the name ‘organic’ has been retained to describe all carbon compounds irrespective of their origin or the- method and preparation. Thus in modern practice the term Organic Chemistry is defined as the study of the compounds of carbon, the study of the rest of the elements and their compounds falling under the scope of Inorganic Chemistry.

However, a few common compounds of carbon like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide-and carbonates are still classed as inorganic substances for obvious reasons. Thus the modern definition of Organic Chemistry could’ be given as the study of compounds of caroon other than the oxides, carbonates and bicarbonates, and hydrogen cyanide and its salts.


The organic compounds obey the same fundamental laws of Chemistry that hold for Inorganic compounds. However, they are studied as a separate branch of Chemistry as a matter of convenience mainly for two reasons :

(1) The total number of organic compounds known is about 20,00,000, which exceeds several times the total number of inorganill compounds which is hardly 50,000. If. the E!tudy of twenty lakhs of carbon compounds be ineluded with that of carbon in Inorganic Chemistry, it would throw the subject out of balance.

(2) There are marked differences between the composition, structure and behaviour of the organic and inorganic compounds which make their sepa.rate study more fruitful.

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1. Introduction.
2. Puri’fioation of Organio Compounds.
3. Composition of Organio dompounds.
4. Empirical and Moleoular Formula.e. Determins.tion of Molecular Weights
5. Structure of Orga.nic molecules. Classical Concept.
6. Structure of Organio Molecules. Modern Concepts
7. Isomerism
8. Organio Reactions and Their Mechanisms.
9. Cla.ssification and Systematic Nomenclature.
10. Alkanes.
11. Alkenes.
12. Alkynes.
13. Halogen Derivatives.
14:. Orga.no-Meta.Ui~ Compounds.
15. Aliphatic Alcohols.
16. Alipba.tic Alco~ols’ (Continued).
17. Thioalcohols Imd Thioethers.
18. Ethers.
19. Aldehydes and Ketones.
20. Carboxylic Acids.
21- Dicarboxylio Acids.
22. Substituted Acids.
23. Acid Derivatives.
24. Esters.
25. Acetoacetic Ester and Malonic Ester.
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Book’s Name : A textbook of Organic Chemistry
Editor : B.S Bahl, Arun Bahl
Edition : 11th Edition
Size of PDF : 27.94 MB.
Number Of Pages : 916


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