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Pharmaceutical analysis is a branch of practical chemistry that involves a series of process for identification, determination, qualification, separation of the components of a solution or mixture, or determination of structure of chemical compounds.

The substance may be a single compounds ora mixture of compounds and it may be in any of the dosage form. the substance used as pharmaceutials are animal, plant, micro organisms, mineral and various synthetic product’s.

The sample to be analysed is called as analyse and on the basis of size of sample, they can be classified as macro, semi micro, micro, sub micro, ultramicro, trace analysis. Amoung all the semi micro analysis is widely used.

Types –

They are main two types of chemical analysis ;

  • 1. Qualitative (identification)
  • 2. Quantitative (estimation)

    1. Qualitative analysis : is performed to establish composition of natural / synthestic substance. These tests are performed to indicate whether the substance or compound is present in the sample or not. Various qualitative tests are detection of evovled gas, formation of precipitates, melting point and boiling point test etc…

    2. Quantitative analytical : techniques are mainly used to quantify any compound or substance in the sample.

    These techniques are based in

  • (a) the quantitative performance of suitable chemical reaction and either measuring the amount of reaction product obtained,
  • (b) the charactrastic movement of a substance through a defined medium under controlled
  • (C) electrical measurement.
  • (D) measurement of some spectroscopic properties of the compounds.

    Various type of qualitative analysis :-

    1. Chemical methods.

  • a) Volumetric and titirimetric analysis.
  • b) gravimetric methods.
  • c) gasometric analysis.

    2. Electrical method.

    3. Instrumental method

    4. Biological and microbiological.

    Book suitable for pharmacy students

    The Pharmaceutical analysis by kasture is the complete solution for the student who are pursuing B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy. As this book act as basic material to get the particular info about the analysis. Where as, certainly analysis is the complex subject, in which pharmaceutical analysis book by kasture helps in representing the subject in the form of chapters and also by eliminating of sevral complextion i.e. in the form of piecemeal..

    introduction to pharmaceutical analysis. Sampling techniques. Impurities i. Pharmaceutical substance and limit tests. Theoretical basis of quantitative analysis. Gravimetric titration. Oxidation – Reduction titration. Analysis of fixed oil. Solvent extraction methos. Determination of functional group. Electrogravimetry Refractometry, plarimetry. Measurement of potential and pH.Conductometry miscellaneous method errors in quantitative analysis.


    see the contents and match to your syllabus, download pdf if your topics/syllabus match with this..

    1. Introduction to pharmaceutical analysis.
    2. Impurities in pharmaceutical substance ans limit tests
    3. Some fundamental concept.
    4. Sampling techniques.
    5. Gravimetric analysis.
    6. Aqueous acid base titration.
    7. Non aqueous titration.
    8. Precipitation titration.
    9. Compexometric titration.
    10. Oxidation reduction titration
    11. Analysis of fixed oil, fat and wax.
    12. Analysis of essential oil.
    13. Solvent extraction method.
    14. Functional group analysis.
    15. Electrogravimetry.
    16. Refractometry
    17. Polarimetry
    18. Measurement of potential and PH.
    19. Conductometry
    20. Miscellaneous


    Book’ Name : Pharmaceutical analysis Volume -I.
    Edition : n/a
    Authors : Dr. A.v. kasture, Dr. K.R. Mahadik, Dr. S. G. Wadodkar, Dr. H.N. more.
    Size Of PDF : 11.02 MB
    Number of Pages : 210 Pages



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