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Rabindranath Tagore Poet and Dramatist PDF | Biography Of Rabindranath Tagore PDF Free Download

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Rabindranath Tagore ( 1861 to 1941 ) was arguable the greatest writer of modern india . Yet the precise nature of his literary greatness and the evidence for it have by and large remained a Begali secret . Edward Thompson was an outsider – insider , anquired an intimate knowledge of tagore by knowing him personally and by reading his work in the original Bengali. First published in 1926 , this remains one of the best introduction to Tagore’s Work..

About the author (2008)

EDWARD H. THOMPSON, JR., is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. He has been actively involved as a researcher in men’s studies for about a decade. Among his publications are “Older Men’s Lives” (1994) and numerous articles in the fields of family sociology, gerontology, and gender studies.

Biography of Rabindranath Tagore

“Born in 1861, Rabindranath Tagore was a key figure of the Bengal Renaissance. He started writing at an early age and by the turn of the century had become a household name in Bengal as a poet, a songwriter, a playwright, an essayist, a short story writer and a novelist. In 1913 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and his verse collection Gitanjali came to be known internationally. At about the same time he founded Visva-Bharati, a university located in Santiniketan, near Kolkata. Called the ‘Great Sentinel’ of modern India by Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore steered clear of active politics but is famous for returning his knighthood as a gesture of protest against the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919. Tagore was a pioneering literary figure, renowned for his ceaseless innovations in poetry, prose, drama, music and painting, which he took up late in life. His works include novels; plays; essays on religious, social and literary topics; some sixty collections of verse; over a hundred short stories; and more than 2500 songs, including the national anthems of India and Bangladesh. Rabindranath Tagore died in 1941.


1. Prolegomena
2. Early Days
3 Jul’enilia
4. The Heart-Wilderness
5. Emergence : Dramatic Beginnings
6. Last Poems of Youth
7. Maturity
8. Poem on Social Problems
9. First Dramas of Maturity
10. Residences at Shileida
11. The Jihandchatti
12. Last Dramatic Work of the Siidhanii Period
13. The La’it Rice
14. A Turning Back to the Past-Drama and Verse
15. New Measures : Rcligiou’i Poetry


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