Remington’s Essential of Pharmaceutics and The science and Practice of Pharmacy

Remington Essential of Pharmaceutics & The science and Practice of Pharmacy PDF

Pharmacy :

Pharmacy is the Science and techniques of preparing, dispensing and review of drugs and providing additional clinical service.

It is a health profession that links health science with pharmaceutical science and aims to ensure the safe, effective and affordable use of drugs.

Pharmaceutics :

Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with all facets of the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) into a safe and effective medication.

Pharmaceutics is the science of dosage form design. Pharmaceutics deals with the formulation of a pure drug substance into a dosage form.

Overview :

As the name implies, ‘Remington: Essentials of Pharmaceutics’ focuses on the pharmaceutics aspects of pharmacy practice. Chapters from the original parent text were specifically selected to create this new edition.

The text pulls heavily from the Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms sections.

Various delivery systems and dosage forms, including powders, tablets and capsules, solutions, topicals and transdermals, aerosols, and ophthalmics, are covered.

In addition, parenterals, sterilization processes, and sterile compounding are also presented.

One chapter addresses pharmaceutical excipients and another discusses pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmaceutical analysis, product characterization, quality control, stability, bioavailability, and dissolution are also covered.

Fundamental scientific concepts including thermodynamics, ionic solutions and electrolyte equilibria, tonicity, chemical kinetics, rheology, complex formation and interfacial phenomenon are presented.

The text also provides an introduction to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and the principles of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

In addition, some introductory concepts on drug discovery and drug product approval as well as information resources in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences are presented.

About Remington :

The Science and Practics of pharmacy & Essential of pharmaceutics is the most widely used textbook and reference work on pharmaceutical science in the nation publication of the text was begun in1886 by joshep price Remington professor and later dean at the University, as practice of pharmacy.

Subsequent to his death, the copyright to this text was assigned to the University by the heirs of professor Remington.

Remington has provided a Comprehensive source of knowledge about the science and practice of pharmacy. The book provides information to help both students and practitioners serve effectively as member of the health professions team.

Book suitable for pharmacy students- Remington Essentials of Pharmaceutics equips you with a complete guide to the theory and application of pharmaceutics.

Chapters from Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy have been handpicked to provide you with comprehensive coverage of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms. Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacokinetics.

The content covering the practice of pharmacy leaves no stone unturned. Everything is explained in wide detail Concerning drug studies, drug selection ,Clinical trials, practice parameter and so on.

But it is the patient care section that is most valuable to the reader of this book. In this day of emphasis on patient safety, this book guides the pharmacist through all the intricacies of medication. An educator in pharmacy could also use this book to plan lesson with excellent example to illustrated point of interest.

Contents For 1st PDF -Essential of Pharmaceutics :-

  • Chapter 1- Information resources in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Chapter 2 – Analysis of medicinals.
  • Chapter 3 – Quality assurance and control .
  • Chapter 4 – Stability of pharmaceutical products.
  • Chapter 5 – Bioavailability and bioequivalence.
  • Chapter 6 – Dissolution.
  • Chapter 7 – Modern-day drug discovery and development.
  • Chapter 8 – The New Drug Approval Process.
  • Chapter 9 – Metrology and pharmaceutical calculations.

    Contents For 2nd PDF – The science and practice of pharmacy

    Part 1 – Orientation

  • 1. Scope of Pharmacy.
  • 2. Evolution of Pharmacy.
  • 3. Ethics and Professionalism .
  • 4. The Practice of Community Pharmacy.
  • 5. Pharmacists in Industry.

    Part 2 – Pharmaceutics

  • 11. Metrology and Pharmaceutical Calculations.
  • 12. Statistics.
  • 13. Molecular Structure, Properties, and States of Matter.
  • 14. Complex Formation.

    Part 3 – Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

  • 24. Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • 25. Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • 26. Natural Products.

    Part 4 – Pharmacological testing, analysis and control

  • 30. Analysis of Medicinals.
  • 31. Biological Testing.
  • 32. Clinical Analysis.
  • 33. Chromatography.

    Part 5 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

  • 36. Separation
  • 37. Powders
  • 38. Property-Based Drug Design and Preformulation.
  • 39. Solutions, Emulsions, Suspensions, and Extracts.

    Part 6 – Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamic.
    Part 7 – Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Agents.


    Book’s Name : Remington : The science and Practice of Pharmacy

    Editor : Linda Felton
    Edition : 21th Edition
    Size of PDF : 63.34 MB.
    Number Of Pages : 2418


    Book’s Name : Remington Essential of Pharmaceutics

    Editor : Linda Felton
    Volume : Volume II
    Size of PDF : 11.16 MB
    Number Of Pages : 783


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