SAP full form

What is the full form of SAP?
The full form of SAP is Systems Application & Products in Data processing.

What is the SAP?

SAP (systems,Application &products in Data processing) is one world leading producers of software that are commonly used in the businesses processes, developing effective data processing and information flow across organizations.

Benefits of SAP:

    1. Developed globally
    2. Users friendly
    3. Liable
    4. Easy to process
    5. Support all fields
    6. Improve effectiveness
    7. Affordable
    8. Accurate and instant
    9. Easy to process.

What are the uses of SAP?

1. Large companies and industry used SAP for business processes Mangement and operational solutions.

2. SAP is also provided business function by centralizing data Mangement.

What are the jobs in SAP?

Here are the common roles in an SAP realted job:
1. Accounting
2. Gerenal ledger
3. Accounts
4. Assest Accounting
5. Controlling
6. Supply Chain
7. Sales
8. Distribution
9. Warehouse Mangement
10. Inventory Mangement
11. Himan resources
12. Payroll
13. Personal Admin
14. Recuiremnet
15. Procurement.

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