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Book overview : The ABCs of property Management

The complete knowledge in this book is about property managment, it teaches us how we should manage our property.
This book also tells us about real estate and property managment, along with the rich dad Poor Daddy book, which also tells what is taught in the finer points.

So you’ve made your investment, now the question is : how are you going to sustain it ? Make it grow ? Maximize its potentail ? One word management.
Hundreds of thousands know ken McElroy as real estste investment tycoon and according to him, sound property management is the cornestone of his sucess. Now, he reveals the most important principles of property management his new audiobook.

You’ll learn ;

  • When to manage your own property and when to hire someone else to do it.
  • How to implement the right systems and structure for you.
  • How to manage cash flow.
  • A month in the life of an owner management.
  • How to find a good property manager ( and avoid the bad ones )
  • How to assemble a superior management team

    And more.

    The unofficial, but totally necessary, sequel to the ABC ‘s of Real state investing and the Best kept secrets of Real estate investing, The ABC’s OF PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will fill an important slot in both the Rich Dad’s Advisor series, as well ad in the genral business marketplace.

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    “in the evenhanded, informative, and practical primer on managing rental property, Mc Elroy covers everything’s from setting reasonable rent to determining true costs vs. True earning. Dave Mallow who’s read sevral other titles in this series, delivers another solid performance”
    – Library Journal

    About the Author :

    Ken McElroy is co – partner of MC companies and has over 20 year of experience in multifamily asset / property management, development, project / construction management, investment analysis, acquisition, business development, and client relation. He is the real estate advisor to Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad organization. McElroy is also the bestselling author of The ABC’s of real estate investing and The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing.

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    Section 1: Should I Manage My Own Property or Hire Someone to Do It for Me?

    Chapter 1: Size Doesn’t Matter
    Chapter 2: Property Management Systems
    Chapter 3: Cash Flow Management
    Chapter 4: A Month in the Life of an Owner-Manager

    Section 2: How Do I Find a Good Property Manager?

    Chapter 5: Not All Property Management Companies Are Created Equal
    Chapter 6: Employees, Systems, and Structures: The Backbone of a Company

    Section 3: How Do I Hire a Good Property Manager?

    Chapter 7: Hiring a Good Property Manager or Management Company

    Sample Applications, Agreements, and Forms


    Book’s Name The ABCs of property Management
    Edition : N/A
    Author : KEN MCELROY | Foreword by Robert T. Kiyosaki
    Size Of PDF : 1.75 MB
    Number of Pages : 127 Pages
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