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The goal of introducing the diagnosis of Developmental Trauma Disorder is to capture the reality of the clinical presentations of children and adolescents exposed to chronic interpersonal trauma and thereby guide clinicians to develop and utilize effective interventions and for researchers to study the neurobiology and transmission of chronic interpersonal violence. Whether or not they exhibit symptoms of PTSD, children who have developed in the context of ongoing danger, maltreatment, and inadequate caregiving systems are ill-served by the current diagnostic system, as it frequently leads to no diagnosis, multiple unrelated diagnoses, an emphasis on behavioral control without recognition of interpersonal trauma and lack of safety in the etiology of symptoms, and a lack of attention to ameliorating the developmental disruptions that underlie the symptoms.

Part One:
The Rediscovery Of Trauma

    1. Lessons From Vietnam Veterans
    2. Revolutions In Understanding Mind And Brain
    3. Looking Into The Brain: The Neuroscience Revolution

Part Two:
This Is Your Brain On Trauma

    4. Running For Your Life: The Anatomy Of Survival
    5. Body-brain Connections
    6. Losing Your Body, Losing Your Self

Part Three:
The Minds Of Children

    7. Getting On The Same Wavelength: Attachment And Attunement
    8. Trapped In Relationships: The Cost Of Abuse And Neglect
    9. What’s Love Got To Do With It?
    10. Developmental Trauma: The Hidden Epidemic

Part Four:
The Imprint Of Trauma

    11. Uncovering Secrets: The Problem Of Traumatic Memory
    12. The Unbearable Heaviness Of Remembering

Part Five:
Paths To Recovery

    13. Healing From Trauma: Owning Your Self
    14. Language: Miracle And Tyranny
    15. Letting Go Of The Past: Emdr
    16. Learning To Inhabit Your Body: Yoga
    17. Putting The Pieces Together: Self-leadership
    18. Filling In The Holes: Creating Structures
    19. Rewiring The Brain: Neurofeedback
    20. Finding Your Voice: Communal Rhythms And

Epilogue: Choices To Be Made
Appendix: Consensus Proposed Criteria For Developmental Trauma
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