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If you want to learn how to program, working with Python is an excellent way to start. This hands on guide takes you through the language one step at a time,
beginning with basic programming concepts before moving on to functios, recursion, data structure and object oriented design.

Through exercises in each chapter,you’ll try out programming concepts as you learn them. Think Python is ideal for students at the high school or college level, as well as self learnings, home – schooled student and professionals who need to learn programming basics.

Start with the basics, including language syntax and semantics.

  • Get a clear definition of each programming concepts.
  • Learn values, variables, statements, functions and data structure in a logical progression.
  • Discover how to work with files and databases.
  • Understand objects, methods and object oriented programming.
  • Use debugging techniques to fix syntax, runtime and senantic errors.
  • Explore interface design, data structures and GUI- based programs through case studies.

    Think python pdf

    About the Author

    Allen Downey is a professor of Computer Science at the Olin College of Engineering. He has taught computer science at Wellesley College, Colby College and U.C. Berkeley. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from MIT.


    “Very well suited to self study:”

    “I am a big fan of Dr. Downney. Think Python is one of several introductory level books he has written recently. It is the product of many year of teaching computer science to University students. It is a well laid out introduction to computer science, programming, data structures, algorithms, and Python. It is very well suited to independent study. I am a retired university professor of computer science. This is a book I would have chosen as a class text.”
    – Dr. Howard B.Bandy

    “Great text for the beginner, teaching not just Python syntax but also design and some basic CS. Even through there is a newer edition for Python 3, this edition does mention the minor differences between the Python version, which are minor at this level and easily learned at the same time.
    -Mr. T

    This is an excellent book. Honestly, I have rerely seen a book as find as this. The Author describes what can only be seen as the core of all computer programming skills, and gives exercises for each.
    – Jonathan


  • Python for Software Design, this is a previous version, and these verson avilable on pdf.
  • How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python.

    These both verson are similar to think python pdf book.

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  • 1. The way of the program
  • 2. Variables, expressions and statements
  • 3. Functions
  • 4. Case study: interface design
  • 5. Conditionals and recursion
  • 6. Fruitful functions
  • 7. Iteration
  • 8. Strings
  • 9. Case study: word play
  • 10. Lists
  • 11. Dictionaries
  • 12. Tuples
  • 13. Case study: data structure selection
  • 14. Files
  • 15. Classes and objects
  • 16. Classes and functions
  • 17. Classes and methods
  • 18. Inheritance
  • 19. Case study: Tkinter

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