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Definition :
Pathology or Clinical pathology is is study of diseases and injuries, its causes and effects on body.
The word Pathology’ is derived from two Greek word : pathos (meaning suffering)
logos : (meaning study).
Another commonly used term with reference to study of diseases is PATHOPHYSIOLOGY
(patho meaning suffering, physiology meaning study of normal function).

Pathology is all about understanding disease, its causes, cure or diagnosis and treatments. pathology is also called as ‘the science behind the cure’.

Pathophysiology, thus, includes study of disordered function (i.e. physiological changes) and breakdown of homeostasis in diseases (i.e. biochemical changes). Pathologists contribute in patient management by providing final diagnosis of disease. Therefore, knowledge and understanding of pathology is essential for all would-be doctors, as well as general medical practitioners and specialists because unless they have knowledge and understanding of the language in the form of pathology laboratory reports, they would not be able to institute appropriate treatment or suggest preventive measures to the patient.


1. Anatomical pathology : diagnosis of disease based on the gross, microscopical, chemical, immunologic and molecular examination of organs, tissues, and whole bodies.

2. Cytopathology : studies and diagnoses diseases on the cellular level i.e. infection and inflammation.

3. Dermatopathology : Mainly focused on the skin rest of the integumentary system as an organ.

4. Forensic pathology : It is the study of determining the causes of dealth by post mortem examination of whole body.

5. Histopathology : microscopic examination of various forms of human tissue.

6. Neuropathology : Study of diseases in nerves system.

7. Clinical pathology : Study and Analysis of body fluida such as urine, blood, sperms etc.

8. Hematopathology : Study of diseases in blood / blood cells.

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    Book’s Name : A textbook of PATHOLOGY
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