ATM Full Form

What is the full form of ATM?
The full form.of ATM is Automated Teller Machine.

What is ATM machine?

ATM (Automated teller machine ), is a self-device banking outlet. You can withdraw money, check the money in your account or even transfer funds. ATM allows you too complete the transition without the need to see a bank representative. A debit or credit card holder allows using the ATM.
ATMs are recognized I different parts of the world as ABM ( Automated Bank Machines) , or cash machines.

What type types of ATM ?

    1. Common units permit only cash withdrawal by clients and provide updated account balances.
    2. The unique machine in which you can deposit cash, facilities credit line payments and transfer,and access account details.

Principle based on ATM:

You need to insert plastic ATM cards inside the ATMs to start ATM operating. You have dropped the ATM card or some atm requires card swapping. The ATM card contains your account’s details and other security information on the magnetic stripe. and then, the computer receives details about your account and requests for your PIN number. once the all details is verified then, you will able to withdraw the cash.

Function of ATM:

    1. Deposit of cash
    2. Withdrawal of cash
    3. Transfer of cash
    4. Accounts details
    5. Mini statement
    6. Regular payment of the bill
    7. Account balance details
    8. Recharge of prepaid mobile
    9. Change the pin code.

Benefits of ATM:

    1. ATM service available 24 ×7
    2. It reduces the work pressure on bank staff
    3. For travelers, ATM is more useful to collect the cash at any place.
    4. ATM give the service without an error.

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