DSP full form

What is the full form of DSP?
The full form of DSP is the Deputy Superintendent of Police.

What is DSP Post?

In India, The state Police force’s higher-ranking officials are known as Deputy superintendents of police. They are in the same position as the Assistant chief of police in terms of power( ACP). In numerous states like Uttarakhand, Rajasthan recognized or posted as circle officers. These officers are higher in rank than Assistant superintendent officers, but lower in rank than the chief of police.

How to become DSP?

To become a DSP, one has to clear PCS ( provincial civil services) exam. But there is another way to become DSP ,if you are good sports then it is very beneficial if you can be selected as a DSP.
Many times, an IPS officer can be appointed as a deputy superintendent of police ( DSP) or Assistant commissioner of police (ACP) .but later on they are promoted to superintendent of police.

The function of DSP:

1. The DSP is the subordinate police officer to the superintendent of police; he works under the SP and oversees all the police department tasks such as control crime, administration and managing police stations, looking after the investigation, and many more.

2. A DSP controls the crowd of people in big rallies and functions so that no. kind of irreverent activity can occur between people and manage the crowd during the festival and maintain a healthy environment.

3. The DSP developed a new ways to tackle crime and cat h criminals and is responsible for stop the criminal activity ,supervising all the cases and investigations related to it are under his control and doing research operation to solve cases.

4. DSP also important role to manage the law and order and can also take action against the people who break the law and order.

Salary of DSP:

The monthly salary of Dsps ranges from 53,100 to 1,67800.

Facilities provided by state DSP by the government are;

    1. An official four-wheeler vehicle like a Mahindra bolero/ Toyota Innova
    2. An official house with guards is present 24*7 on duty.
    3. one personal cook and one caretaker of the house.
    4. Three PSO( personal security guards) for guarding protection.

Age limit to become DSP:

1. The age of applicant must be between 21 -30 years old to be eligible for this post.
2. The relaxation for 5 years of age is there for the candidates who belong to Sc/ST category.

Eligibility in DSP:

    1. the candidates must be born in India and must have Indian citizenship.
    2. the candidate must be a graduate of a known college or university in any stream.
    3. The height of a male candidate must be at least 168 cm and of a female, it must be more than 155cm.

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