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What is Excel Formula? Using Microsoft Excel, a formula is an expression that operates on a range of values. Even if there is an error in the formula, it returns a result. With Excel formulas, you can perform additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions.

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Excel Formulas

Basic math

To add up the total=SUM(cell range)=SUM(B2:B9)
To add individual items=Value1 + Value 2=B2+C2
Subtract=Value1 – Value 2=B2-C2
Multiply=Value1 * Value2=B2*C2
Divide=Value1 / Value2=B2/C2
Exponents=Value1 ^ Value2=B2^C2
Average=AVERAGE(cell range)=AVERAGE(B2:B9)
Median=MEDIAN(cell range)=MEDIAN(B2:B9)
Max=MAX(cell range)=MAX(B2:B9)
Min=MIN(cell range)=MIN(B2:B9)

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