Lachman Lieberman’s “The Theory and Practice” Industrial Pharmacy

Lachman / Lieberman’s The Theory and Practice Industrial Pharmacy..

Editors : Roop K Khar, SP Vyas, Farhan J Ahmad, Gaurav K Jain
Publishers : CBS publishers and Distributor pvt Ltd.

Overview –

Industrial pharmacy – industrial pharmacy is the foundation for learning and understanding the physicochemical properties of drugs molecules, development products and formation and establishing stability and shelf life of medicine.

Beside, it knowledge provides the basis of explaining physiological process in human body including drug absorption, distribution, Metabolism and elimination.

On can also predict the therapeutic behaviour including interaction, advers drug reaction and contraindication. It knowledge is useful to understand A to Z of drug and product development..

Pharamcy Practice –

Pharmacy practice is the discipline of pharmacy which involves developing the professional roles of pharmacists.

Disease-state management, Clinical interventions (refusal to dispense a drug, recommendation to change and/or add a drug to a patient’s pharmacotherapy, dosage adjustments, Professional development, Pharmaceutical care, Extemporaneous pharmaceutical compounding, Patient care, Drug abuse prevention, Prevention of drug interactions, including drug-drug interactions or drug-food interactions, Prevention (or minimization) of adverse events, Incompatibility, Drug discovery and evaluation, Community Pharmacy etc.,

  • Drug discovery and development
  • Industrial pharmaceutics
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Pharmacovigilance and clinical trials
  • Clinical studies
  • Supply chain management
  • Waste management
  • Product management
  • Post- marketing surveillance
  • Good manufacturing practices

    About books – for more than 40 years and throgh the three previous edition (first edition 1970 , second edition 1976, Third edition 1986).

    The theory and practice of industrial pharmacy has remained the gold standard” text and reference source covering all the aspects of industrial pharmacy from principal of pharmaceutical processing through dosage forms design and product processing to facility design, Management, packaging, quality control and regulation.

    About the author

    Roop K. Khar is Principal of BS Anongpuria Institute of pharmacy. Faridabad ( Nell ) and former dean and head departments of pharmacy jamia humdard new Delhi , He is the Executive director and founder of pharmulators concept LID providing Consultancy service to the pharmaceutical industries and eductional institutions.

    He has contributed more than 255 publication with a cumulative impact factor of 370 and 2830 citations. He is author of 11 text and reference books and has supervised 53 scholars for PhD.

    Suresh P. Vyas is a Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Head Department of Biotechnology Dr HS Gaur University Sagar.

    A pioneer scientist in the field of targeted drug delivery nano-biotechnology and immunology he has supervised 47 scholors for PhD and more than 120 M Pharm students.

    He has to his credit over 300 publications 13 reference books and contributed more than 20 chapters to several international books.
    Farhan J. Ahmad is associated professor jamia hamdard New delhi.

    He has a rich experience in industrial research through his fruitful association with ranbaxy laboratories Ltd for six long years.

    He is working in the area of nano medicine for the last 10 years and two of his nano products are in clinical stage.

    He has supervised more than 25 scholars for PhD and contributed to more than 200 publications including 25 patents and several textbooks.

    Gaurav K. Jain is Assistant professor jamia Hamdard new delhi teaching concepts of physical and industrial pharmacy along with development of nano drug delivery systems.

    He has published over 30 publications including textbooks and holds several patents.

    He provides consultancy to Pharmaceutical companies and has done projects for Ranbaxy laboratories Ltd Glaxo Smith Kline Galderma India and Arbro Pharmaceuticals.

    Content –

    Section I – Principal of Pharmaceutical processing

      1. Mixing.

    • 2. Milling.
    • 3. Drying.
    • 4. Compression and Consolidation of powder solid
    • 5. Basic chemical principal related to emulsion and suspension dosage froms.
    • 6. Pharmaceutical rheology.
    • 7. Clarification and Filtration.

    Section II – Pharmaceutical dosage form Design.

    • 8. Preformulation.
    • 9. Biopharmaceutics.

    Section III – Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

    • 11. Tablet.
    • 12. Tablet coating.
    • 13. Capsules.
    • 14. Sustained release dosage Forms.
    • 15. Liquid
    • 16. Pharmaceutical suspension.
    • 17. Emulsion.

    Section IV – Product Processing, Packaging. Evaluation and Regulation.

    • 23. Pilot plant scale up techniques.
    • 24. Packaging Material Science.
    • 25. Production Management.
    • 26. Kinetics Principal and Stability testing.
    • 27. Quality control.
    • 28. Drug regulatory affairs.


    Book’s Name : Lachman / Lieberman’s The Theory and Practice Industrial Pharmacy
    Editor : Roop K Khar, SP Vyas, Farhan J Ahmad, Gaurav K Jain
    Edition : 3rd Edition
    Size of PDF : 78 MB.
    Number Of Pages : 909


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