Man’s Search for Meaning PDF by Dr. Frankl Download

Man’s Search for Meaning PDF by Dr. Frankl

In this book, Dr. Frankl explains the experience which led to his discovery of logotherapy.

As a longtime prisoner in bestial concentration camps he found himself stripped to naked existence.

His father, mother, brother, and his wife died in camps or were sent to the gas ovens, so that, excepting for his sister, his entire family perished in these camps.

How could he every possession lost, every value destroyed, suffering from hunger, cold and brutality, hourly expecting extermination how could he find life worth preserving?


Book’s Name Man’s
Search for Meaning

Author : Viktor E. Frankl
Edition : 4th Edition
Original language : English
Size Of PDF : 680KB
Number of Pages : 98 Pages


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Description For this Book

Dr. Frankl, author-psychiatrist, sometimes asks his patients who suffer from a multitude of torments great and small, “Why do you not commit suicide?” From their answers he can often find the guide-line for his psychotherapy:

In one life there is love for one’s children to tie to; in another life, a talent to be used; in a third, perhaps only lingering memories worth preserving.

To weave these slender threads of a broken life into a firm pattern of meaning and responsibility is the object and challenge of logotherapy, which is Dr. Frankl’s own version of modern existential analysis.

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