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A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is one of the most important documents in your life. Your tax number is required not just to file your taxes and remit large sums of money, but also as proof of your identity. It goes without saying that incorrect information on your PAN card could result in future problems. It is best to make the necessary changes to your PAN card in order to avoid these problems. Changing your PAN card online or in person is simple.

Request For Correction in PAN Data


  1. Please fill out this form in BLOCK LETTERS and in BLACK INK only.
  2. Mention 10 digit PAN correctly.
  3. After each word, each box should contain only one character (alphabet/number/punctuation sign).
  4. An individual applicant should attach two recent colour photographs with a white background (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm) to their application form. No staples or clips should be used to attach the photographs. PAN card images will be as clear as the photograph attached to the form.
  5. Across the photo attached to the left side of the form, the signature / left thumb impression should be provided in such a manner that the signature / impression is visible both on the photo and the form.
  6. Signatures and left hand thumb impressions should be placed in the box provided on the right side of the form. Neither the signature nor the photograph should be attached to the right side of the form. Application will not be accepted if this photograph contains any marks that obscure the clear visibility of the applicant’s face.
  7. An official seal and stamp of a Magistrate, Notary Public, or Gazetted Officer should be attested to a thumb impression, if it is used.
  8. For issuance of a new PAN card without any changes: If you already have a PAN number but no PAN card, complete all columns on the form without checking any boxes. The form may be submitted along with a copy of the FIR in case of loss of PAN card.
  9. The form should be filled out in all columns and a check box should be ticked in the left margin of the appropriate row where changes or corrections need to be made.
  10. Multiple PANs are illegal. Please fill out Item No. 11 of this form if you possess more than one PAN.

Pan Correction Form Download PDF

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