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Reading Juice for KIDS Non-fiction Reading in Science and Social Studies

Created by THE LAB Education Research Center
PDF NameReading Juice for Kids PDF
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4About Reading Juicefor Kids Series
6Unit 1Elephant Families
10Unit 2A Small Water World
14Unit 3City Lifeor Country Life?
18Unit 4The Deep Sea Robot
22Vocabulary Check 1
24Unit 5Frogsor Toads?
28Unit 6Tricky Trees
32Unit 7The Summer Olympic Games
36Unit 8From Feathers to Pens
40Vocabulary Check 2
42Unit 9Froman Eggtoan Ostrich
46Unit 10Desert Plants
50Unit 11Let’s Makea Banana Split
54Unit 12Life of Magma
58Vocabulary Check 3
60Unit 13A Grandpa Can Dance
64Unit 14Sketches of Future Machines
68Unit 15The Journey of Rain
72Unit 16Hunters or Scavengers?
76Vocabulary Check 4

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