SP full form

What is the full form of SP?
The full form of Sp is Superintendent of Police.

What is SP?

In India, a senior SP(Superintendent of Police) is the head of the police force of a district in a heavily populated, affected district, or an SP in a smaller district. SP-ranked IPS officers wear the IPS logo below the star/Ashoka insignia.

How to become SP?

You have two ways to become an SP either you can get a big position in the police department by clearing the IPS exam conducted by UPSC. After this, in about 5-6 years you can get promoted to the post of S.P.

2nd way, is by clearing the exam conducted By the PCS of each state.

After this, you can get the post of SP by promoting from here also. It may take you 10-12 years or more to get the post of SP. And one important thing you will be promoted to the post of SP only when your performance while working on other posts is very good.

The function of SP:

    1. Control all criminal incidents in the district.
    2. In any event or case, SP has the power to allow the concerned officer for investigating the incident.
    3. To control any government work being done in the district and keep an eye on corruption cases.
    4. Permit any public assembly.
    5. Make arrangements for the security of a minister or VIP.
    6. Transfer of the police.
    7. Maintaining the peace in the district.

SP officer salary.

The salary of sp is between 70,000 to 1,00,000. Along the salary, sp is also provided with free accommodation, car and servant facilities by the government.

Age limit to become SP

    The age limit of candidates should be between 21 to 30 years for the general category.
    Obc Candidates should be between 21 to 33 years.
    SC/ ST should be between 21 to 35 years.

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