(Thibaudeau, Christian) the Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters PDF

The Best Workout For Natural Lifters PDF: 6 Weeks of Planned Chaos For NEW Muscle Growth Written By World Renowned Strength Training Expert Christian Thibaudeau

Please note that the information in this plan is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for your physician’s advice or care. A new exercise program should only be followed after consulting with your physician to ensure that it is appropriate for your individual circumstances. The author and publisher expressly disclaim any responsibility for any adverse effects associated with the use or application of the information contained in this plan.


1. Why You Can’t Train Like a Juicer
2. Stimulating More Protein Synthesis — Naturally
3. The Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters Explained
4. I’m Here to Coach You
5. Phase 1 — Weeks 1-3 Workouts
6. Phase 2 — Weeks 4-6 Workouts
7. The Eating Plan for Natural Lifters
8. Take a Week Off and Build More Muscle


Namethe Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters PDF
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You can’t train like a juicer and expect good results A natural lifter can’t train like a steroid user and expect good results. It won’t work. Steroid users’ workouts are based on what works for “enhanced” lifters, the set/rep schemes, the body part splits, the methods… no one else has them.

It is also problematic that drug-using bodybuilders and trainers sell their own workouts to the public, claiming that what works for them also works for everyone else. That is simply not the case. Most of them know better (and some do).

It is essential for a drug-free lifter’s ability to tolerate stress during training, and to grow muscle, to be dependent on natural hormones, such as testosterone, IGF-1, and cortisol.

The average drug-using bodybuilder, on the other hand, has 80 times the androgens of a normal healthy person.

If you add in the other performance-enhancing drugs also commonly used, users of roids transform their physiology into something superhuman. Almost anything works for them – this has a huge impact on how their bodies respond to training.

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