Do You Know 12 benefits of Drinking Buttermilk Daily

There are many health benefits to drinking buttermilk in India. There are even ancient Ayurvedic texts that recommend drinking buttermilk regularly. 

In North India, buttermilk (chaas) is a popular summer drink. Drinking buttermilk has many benefits besides being delicious and lightweight.

What is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk contains no butter, so its name may be misleading. Buttermilk is traditionally made from the liquid leftover after butter is churned. 

In different North Indian regions, it is a common healthy beverage. Among buttermilk’s major health benefits is that its acidity is high due to the presence of lactic acid, which prevents unwanted bacterial growth.

The following are 12 health benefits of buttermilk or chaas

The first. Reduces Acidity

This yoghurt-based drink helps in combating acidity, which is one of its top benefits. Buttermilk should be consumed if you often experience acid reflux after meals. 

2. Fights Constipation

Constipation and related problems can also be prevented with buttermilk. Buttermilk’s high fibre content can ease the condition while facilitating bowel movement. 

3. Cooling Effect

You can also benefit from drinking chaas because it provides a cooling effect on your body, particularly your digestive system. As a result, it makes a great summer drink. You can get instant relief from a burning stomach by drinking buttermilk whenever you feel it. 

4. Maintains hydration

Especially in summer, it keeps your body hydrated. Certain ailments and general discomfort may result from dehydration.

The electrolytes in buttermilk prevent your body from losing water. This prevents summer diseases, such as prickly heat, by naturally hydrating your body.

5. Contains essential vitamins and nutrients

The minerals and vitamins in buttermilk include potassium, vitamin B, etc. Besides providing protein and other nutrients, it also helps balance vitamin deficiency in the body. 

6. Boosts immunity

Daily consumption of buttermilk strengthens our immune systems and provides protection against a number of infections.

7. Good for Our Skin

Buttermilk contains probiotics that keep our digestion healthy and help remove toxins from our bodies. Our skin benefits from buttermilk’s lactic acid.

8. Loaded with Vitamins

9. Helps in Weight Loss

1o. Helps in Detoxification

11. Strengthen Bones

12. Controls Cholesterol Levels

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