How to Write Attractive Resume in Few Minutes

Writing a Good and Attractive Resume is not so easy.You have to cover all the main points. If you want Writing resume tips? here is few basic recommendations and wishes for writing a resume.

One of the main principles when writing a resume is that the text should be concise, maintain a uniform style. It has to be written in a formal business style, not contain colloquial phrases and expressions. You should also not use professional terms and incomprehensible words.

Use action verbs to describe your activities (developed, improved, etc.).
The design of the resume is of great importance. Be sure to highlight headings, indent before the next logical part. It is not worth writing a resume for more than 1 page. is a Cheap CV Writing Service you were looking for.

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Structure of a Cheap Resume

1. Contact information

  • In this section, you specify:
  • Full Name Place of residence.
  • Contact phone numbers;
  • Email.
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital status (optional).

    2. Purpose

    Here you indicate which vacancy you are interested in.

    3. Education

    In this section, you first write basic higher education (or several, in order of receipt) indicating the faculty and time of study, and just below additional education – courses. internships and training.

    4. Work experience

    It is described according to the scheme:
    Term of work (month and year of arrival and departure);

  • Name of the organization;
  • The scope of the organization
  • Position
  • Job responsibilities;
  • Achievements.

    The last point is very important. Try to mention measurable indicators of your activity (for example, attracting about 120 new customers). Use the verbs: participated, worked out, conducted, etc.

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    5. Additional information

    This part reflects the level of computer skills (for example, an advanced user) with an indication of the programs in which you worked, the level of proficiency in a foreign language, the presence of a driver’s license.

    It is very much encouraged to include a recommendation section in the structure of your resume, where you include the names, last names and contact information of managers from previous jobs.

    Of course, it would be good to discuss this issue in advance with your previous management and get, among other things, their written recommendation. But, unfortunately, this cannot always be done.

    In this case, it would be the best not to mention this section in your resume at all.
    And be confident. My resume will work out. They will give me the job. That is the spirit.

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