What is the Full Form of WWW in Internet?

What is the full form of WWW?

The full of WWW is the WORD WIDE WEB that refers to an interconnected system of public weboages through internet.

What are the example of WWW?

What are 10 main types of WWW?

    1. E-commerce website.
    2. Business websites
    3. Blog website
    4. portfolio website
    5. Event website
    6. personal website
    7. Membership website
    8. No profit website
    9. Information website
    10. Online forum.

Feature of WWW:

    1. WWW help to yo collect different websites around the world,
    2. And it contains lot of different information shared via local servers(or computer).
    3. WWW have hyper text information system.
    4. provide very easy interface to many services.
    5. WWW is fast and dynamic web and and very interactive to users.

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