A Court Of Silver Flames PDF

A Court Of Silver Flames PDF
A Court Of Silver Flames PDF: A Court Of Silver Flames is an unique novel in Teen & Young Adult Epic Fantasy, Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy genre.

This is a perfect novel for those teenagers who love to read the Love and Adult, mind-blowing, engaging, thrilling and superb fiction novel, You can go for this..

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    Name on Cover: A Court Of Silver Flames PDF
    Author: Sarah J. Maas
    Edition: NA
    Publisher: NA
    PDF Size: 7.4MB
    Language: English
    Total Pages: 465
    Total Downloads: 8,405 [Update]

    Short Description

    The black water nipping at her thrashing heels was freezing. Not the bite of winter chill, or even the burn of solid ice, but something colder Deeper.

    The cold of the gaps between stars, the cold of a world before light. The cold of hell—true hell, she realized as she bucked against the strong hands trying to shove her into that Cauldron.

    True hell, because that was Elain lying on the stone floor with the red-haired, one-eyed Fae male hovering over her. Because those were pointed ears poking through her sister’s sodden gold-brown hair, and an immortal glow radiating from Elain’s fair skin.

    True hell—worse than the inky depths mere inches from her toes.
    Put her under, the hard-faced Fae king ordered.

    And the sound of that voice, the voice of the male who had done this to Elain …
    She knew she was going into the Cauldron. Knew she would lose this fight.

    Knew no one was coming to save her: not sobbing Feyre, not Feyre’s gagged former lover,
    not her devastated new mate.

    Not Cassian, broken and bleeding on the floor. The warrior was still trying to rise on
    trembling arms. To reach her. The King of Hybern—he had done this. To Elain. To Cassian.
    And to her.

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