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NameI Will Teach You To Be Rich
AuthorRamit Sethi
GenreFinance, Make Money
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If I’ve been successful, the end of this book is the beginning of a rich future for you.

We know that being rich isn’t just about money. We know that most people around us have strong opinions about money, yet are clueless with their own. And we know that conscious spending can be fun (especially when it’s automated). But now that you
know how money really works, there’s one other thing: Not enough people know about being rich.

It’s not some mythical thing that happens only to Ivy League grads
and lottery winners. Anyone can be rich—it’s just a question of what rich means to you.

In my definition, I’ve always believed in getting really good at something, then passing it on to others. You’re great at managing your finances and goals now.

Would you do me a favor and pass the word along to your friends to help them focus on their goals, too? A rich life is about more than money. It starts by managing your own. And it continues by helping others become rich.

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