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Their Eyes Were Watching God PDF

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One of the most important work of 20th Century American literature, Zora Neale Hurston’s beloved 1937 classic Their Eyes Were Watching God, is an enduring southern love stroy sparkling with wit, beauty, and heartfelt wisdom. Told in the captivating voice of a woman who refuses to live in sorrow, bitterness, fear, or foolish romantic dreams, it is the story of fair – skinned, fiercely independent janie Crawford, and her evolving selfhood through three marriages and a life marked by poverty, trials, and purpose. A true literary wonder, Hurston’s masterwork remains as relevant and affecting today as when it was first published – perhaps the most widely read and highly regarded novel in the entire canon of African American literature.

About the Author

Zora Neale Hurston was a novelist, folklorist, and anthropologist. An author of four novel ( Jonah’s Gourd Vine, 1934; Their Eyes Were Watching God, 1937; Moses, Man of the Mountain, 1939; and seraph on the Suwanee,
1948); two Books of folklore ( Mules and Men, 1935, and Tell My Horse, 1938); an autobiography ( Dust Tracks on a Road, 1942); and over fifty short stories, essays, and plays. She attended Howard University, Barnard College and Columbia University, and was a graduate of Barnard College in.1927. She was born on january 7,1891, in Notasulga, Alabama, and grew up in Notasulga, Alabama, and grew up in Eatonville, Florida. She died in Fort Pierce, in 1960. In 1937, Alice Walker had a headstone placed at her gravestie with this epitaph: “Zora Neale Horston : A Genius of the South.”

Their Eyes Were Watching God PDF


1. A Woman Ahead of Her Time

Hurston gives a window view into a place that shows a growing or blossoming of a woman’s life. It journeys on a three – fold path from janie’s life with her grandma through 3 marriages that unfold new discoveries of janie as she awakens to the power of her ability to lead herself. Hurston was ahead of her time in the sense that she was already living as one who did not need to fight the battle but had arrived and was;.

2. A Perfect Nove

This must be very nearly a perfect novel, a short classic like Old Man and the Sea, Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, Huckleberry Finn, with its own unique style and identity… the racy black vernacular drives the story along while the voice of the narrator achieves levels of poetic intensity approaching myth…found it gripping alomst to the point of unputdownable from the sentences.


1. Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board.

2. Janie saw her life like a great tree in leaf..

3. There are years that ask questions and years that answer.

4. Long before the year was up, Janie noticed that her…

5. On the train the next day, Joe didn’t make many…

6. Every morning the world flung itself over and exposed the…

7. The years took all the fight out of Janie’s face.

8. After that night Jody moved his things and slept in…

9. Joe’s funeral was the finest thing Orange County had ever…

10. One day Hezekiah asked off from work to go off…

11. Janie wanted to ask Hezekiah about Tea Cake, but she…

12. It was after the picnic that the town began to…

13. Jacksonville. Tea Cake’s letter had said Jacksonville. He had worked…

14. To Janie’s strange eyes, everything in the Everglades was big…

15. Janie learned what it felt like to be jealous. A…

16. The season closed and people went away like they had…

17. A great deal of the old crowd were back. But…

18. Since Tea Cake and Janie had friended with the Bahaman…

19. And then again Him-with-the-square-toes had gone…

20. Because they really loved Janie just a little less than…

What happens at the End Of Their Eyes Were Watching God ?

Tea Cake gets rabies, and his natural jealousy turn into aggressive suspicion and paranoia over janie. In the end, janie is forced to shoother husband to protect herself – rabies is not pretty.Through she’s put on trial for murder, she’s pronounced innocent. After Tea Cake’s funeral, janie returns home to Eatonville.


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