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It is a book about how to improve your vocabulary and it does so in a very different manner. A short anecdote is attached with each words. A core book about English language and correct word usage; those who are preparing to sit for CAT, GMAT, CMAT, XMAT, GRE, TOEFL and other such examinations would definitely stand to greatly benefit from this book, any who wants to improve one’s vocabulary will also find it very useful.

Word Power Made Easy is the best and quickest means to a better vocabulary in the English language. As you complete the exercise in this book, you will learn how to tell if you’re using the right word as well as how to pronounce and spell it. You will also learn how to avoid illiterate expressions and how to speak grammatically, without making embarrassing mistakes.

Authored by Norman Lewis, the grammarian from New York who has several other English language books to his credit, ‘Word Power Made Easy’ has been published by Goyal Publishers and became popular soon after the First edition was released in the year 2009.

word power made easy pdf

For those indian students who have to clear the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), an essential examination for securing admission to many overseas universities, improving vocabulary and knowing about the correct usage of similarly spelled words or words pronounced words is most essential.

The book is broadly divided into three sections. By way of simple techniques, the author has presented easy tips for improving one’s vocabulary and word skills. After having created awareness about the new words and their meaning, he then goes inton explain how to make their correct usage.

Norman Lewis, by way of citing several examples, even explains the correct usage of many words that often have the user confused. The diction and many idioms are expalined in detail. Picking Up the correct synonym, when arriving at a particular expression, has also been explained

The book has been divided into oriented sessions that need action from the user and there are many exercise that challenge and enhance one’s language skills. At the end of every chapter end there is a review exercise. Putting oneself to test for these review exercises will give the users a progressive check about the grasp of the language one is gaining. At many places, the monotony of the chapters has been splintered with trivia that keeps the reader’s interest in the subject alive and even encourages one to keep practicing more.

The book is laid out in an easy to understand language but at places does challenge one comprehensive of the subject. Since 2009, when this 686 page book was first released, it has only become more popular as the years have gone by, Not just student who are seeking admission to prestigious foreign Universities, this book also has many
takers who are working to improve their vocabulary and general hold over the English language.


“A wonderful book! Bible to those who want to learn vocab! It’s more of an exercise oriented than theory, A very good experience, After completing the book, I felt very confident in replacing many words with its thesaurus.
– Mr. Himesh reviews

“It is a book about how to improve your vocabulary and it does so in a very different manner. A short anecdote is attached with each words. As written in the books very word is associated with an idea. By learning new words, we are expanding our horizon of knowledge. The explanation of each words with their corresponding origins help the readers to engulf the words very conveniently. I think every one should give this book a read.”
– Atul shrivastava

The Methodology of the book is excellent; it does not only increase your vocabulary, but also teaches idea and broadens your knowledge of vocabulary building process based on their Greek and Latin roots.
– James Rocker

About the Author

Brookly was Born on 30 December in 1912, in New York, Norman Lewis was an author and grammarian. He was also lexicographer and etymologist. While he was a student in Columbia University in 1941, he wrote his first book Journeys through Wordland. Apart from that, he has written many books, namely, 30 Days to Better English, Dictionary of Word Power, Speak Better, Write Better and Rapid Vocabulary Builder, among others.


How to Use This Book for Maximum Benefit

Why this is not a book to be read; how to learn to pronounce the new words correctly; how the etymological approach works better than any other method for learning words quickly .and permanently; how to master nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in five to ten minutes; how to use the psychological principles of learning to sharpen your verbal skills.

Part One:

Getting off to a good start –

1. How to Test Your Present Vocabulary

How vocabulary growth of the average adult compares with that of children; a simple. test to show you whether your vocabulary is below average, average, above average, excellent, or superior in range, verbal speed, and responsiveness; important evidence of the close relationship between vocabulary and success.

2. How to Start Building Your Vocabulary

3. How to Talk about Personality Types

4. How to Talk About Doctors (Sessions 4-6)

5. How to Talk About Various Practitioners

6. How to Talk About Science and Scientists

7. How to Talk About Liars and Lying

8. How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive

Part Two

Gaining increased momentum:

9. How to Talk About Actions

10. How to Talk About Various Speech Habits

11. How to Insult Your Enemies

12. How to Flatter Your Friends

Or more content available on this pdf book, so please download the pdf.


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