Human Anatomy book PDF by BD chaurasia.

Human Anatomy book PDF by BD Chaurasia

Human Anatomy –
Human anatomy is the science which deals with the structure of the human body. The term, ‘anatomy’, is derived from a Greek word, “anatome”, meaning cutting up. The term ‘dissection’ is a Latin
equivalent of the Greek anatome. However, the two words, anatomy and dissection, are not synonymous. Dissection is a mere technique,
whereas anatomy is a wide field of study.

1.Gross (or macroscopic) anatomy: The study of anatomical features visible to the naked eye, such as
internal organs and external features.

2. Surface Anatomy: The study of anatomical landmarks that can be identified by observing the surface of the body. Sometimes called superficial anatomy.

3.Microscopic anatomy: The study of minute anatomical structures on a microscopic scale, including cells (cytology) and tissues (histology).

4.dissection: The process of disassembling an organism to determine its internal structure and understand the functions and relationships of its components.

History of Anatomy

The history of anatomy has been an evolving understanding of organs and structures in the body.

Beginning in Ancient Greece and developing through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, methods of studying anatomy have advanced dramatically.

This field has moved from examination of animals and cadavers through invasive dissection to the technologically complex techniques developed in the 20th century, such as non-invasive imaging and radiology.

Generally, medical and biology students learn about the human body from anatomical models, skeletons, textbooks, diagrams, photographs, lectures, and tutorials. Medical and dental students also learn through the dissection and inspection of cadavers.

A thorough working knowledge of anatomy is required for all medical professionals, especially surgeons and doctors working in diagnostic specialties such as radiology.

Human Anatomy book PDF by BD Chaurasia .(All Volumes)

There are many books for human
Anatomy one can read but BD chaurasia
is still considered the best book of Anatomy

There are three volumes of BD chaurasia books ..

  • 1.Upper limbs and thorax
  • 2. Head neek and brain .
  • 3. Lower limb , abdomen and Pelvis

Suitable for the student of medicine :-
This book is very useful and suitable
for the student studying in the field of medicine .

Human anatomy is one of the most importent subject for student of medical colleges .

This book has been authored by
Dr.B.D.chaurasia , He is an indian doctor educationist Dr.chaurasia has written many book to date some of his most Significant books are the handbook of Genral anatomy and human anatomy For dental students regional and applied anatomy clinical application and dissection.


Name Of Book : Handbook Of General Anatomy
Writer : Dr B D Chaurasia
Number Of Pages : 312 (Vol.1)
276 (Vol.2)
Size Of PDF : 34MB (Vol.1)
20.53MB (Vol.2)
Downloading Link :

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